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Car Paint Shop
ACC (Armenian Car Colors) is the official representative of MIRKA

About Us

Proprietary shop of car colors ACC (Armenian Car Colors) was founded in 2003 and has set a goal to become one of the leading companies in Armenia on the precise selection of paints, car enamels sale and accompanying accessories. Even with very careful driving, attentive and careful attitude towards the car it is impossible to predict all the situational moments while driving, to avoid exposure of weather changes or to protect it from accidental scratches. Beautiful appearance of the car improves the image of its owner, extends the life of the car, so car owners pay great attention to preserving the look of their favorite cars, and if needed use the auto services. We are proud of our regular customers, so everyone can find an individual approach to their requirements and working conditions. In the ACC (Armenian Car Colors) You will find high-quality service and individual approach - according to your requirements.

What We Are Doing

The secret of colors selection success of ACC (Armenian Car Colors) lies in the long term experience of our specialists, sufficient awareness in a variety of paints manufacturers and conscientious attitude to their work. Our experts make the paints taking into account the peculiarities of the cars manufacturers in this or that particular region of the world that ensures full compliance with the other body parts. Selection of the paint is produced by modern technology, usually within 1 to 3 days. In the company store ACC (Armenian Car Colors) are presented the groundings, automobile fillings, polishes, a wide selection of car chemicals, cosmetics, abrasives, automobile lacquers, solvents, degreasers, spray paints, adhesives and sealants, different consumables and accessories.
ACC (Armenian Car Colors) - took care also of saving Your time! Delivery in Yerevan will cost 1000 drams - depending on the area, can make a payment on the spot delivery.
Our experts will be happy to serve you.

Computer selection of enamel body paint

Warranty for enamel color matching with the provided sample. We guarantee that the color of the paint to the repaired part will be matched perfectly

In the case of the miss of the enamel color, the selection of paint will be made free again or Your money will be refund

Your car paint formula stored in the database under Your name and make of the car. With repeat orders, the enamel on composition and color will be identical to the previous one

Delivery Service
Phone NUMBER 099-54-33-03

Our Laboratory

Over time, the body color can vary significantly, due to the impact of the temperature difference, the impact of chemicals in winter, sun ultraviolet radiation, smoke and bitumen, falling from the passing cars and asphalt. In this case the specified by the factory recipe is not correct, so the selection of enamel will need to “wear” to bring it fully into line with the rest of the body parts. It is impossible to go without a skilled colorist and the accurate selection of paint.
Selection of enamel is carried out only on the model, which is usually taken the petrol tank, but many modern machine hatches are made of plastic and they are painted separately from the body, this fact must be considered when providing the sample for the selection. Also matters its size, it is impossible to perform accurate color matching according to a piece of loose paint, so the sample should be at least bigger than a matchbox.

Benefits of the Laboratory ACC (Armenian Car Colors):

Low prices and good hiding power of pigments

Means of color matching fitted at the modern level, which are not inferior to the European analogues.

A complete range of the related materials made by modern technologies of high quality raw materials (transparent varnishes, primers, loading, fillers, hardeners, solvents, special additives, etc.).

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